michelle brannan
My Method
I specialise in aesthetic health, how diet and training affect the body in terms of the way you look on the outside and health on the inside. I believe it is important to strike a balance between the two. My method combines diet and training for the body you always wanted and optimum health in the process.

Why Train?
When many of us decide to lose weight, we simply 'go on a diet' but are often disappointed and frustrated with the results, fad and starvation diets are unrealistic and do not work.  What many people do not realise is that humans will store fat as a contingency against times of famine so if you are starving yourself and not eating regularly your body will fight you to hold onto the fat, the best way to allow your body to feel safe to release body fat is to feed it regularly.   I always recommend eating little and often, 6 meals a day if possible.


I like
to work with weights to change the composition of the body for a lean toned appearance.  I am proof that weight training, if done correctly, does not cause a woman to 'bulk up' but instead can build a tight lean appearance.  It is important to have a layer of muscle to speed up the metabolism.  The act of increasing muscle, increases the rate at which the body can metabolize energy, and ultimately burn fat. Therefore, it is essential to have a good resistance training plan to run alongside any cardiovascular
exercise you are doing.  CV alone will not give you a great shape, weight training will create and shape and tone. 

The type of weight training needs to be carefully considered in order to shape the body you desire because your body will develop as a result of your training method. I use techniques that specifically target particular muscle groups to achieve the look you want. For a woman this is usually curvy, small waisted, feminine and toned and for men it is athletic, broad shoulders with a V taper shape.

I offer online training via my training team Showgirl Fitness, click here for more information