michelle brannan
Bikini contests
I am very proud to be the very first UK athlete to have earned IFBB Pro status through the Bikini class, representing United Kingdom on behalf of UKBFF at IFBB Amateur European Championships, the first ever Arnold Classic Europe and IFBB Amateur World Championships, winning Ms Bikini Amateur Olympia 2011 and being awarded IFBB Pro status in less than a year of competing with UKBFF. I am currently the only UK athlete to have won a professional IFBB show and compete at Ms Bikini Olympia in Las Vegas.

Contest History
I have competed in seventeen bikini contests since 2010, ten of which have been IFBB Professional competitions. I have placed in the top five in twelve of my seventeen shows including top five in five Professional shows and  one pro win.  As an amateur I placed 3rd in the World Championships and won IFBB Amateur Olympia.

My competition highlights include:
Competing at IFBB Ms Bikini Olympia in 2013

IFBB Nordic Pro 2013- 2nd place
IFBB British Grand Prix Pro Bikini Champion 2012
IFBB St Louis Pro 2012 - 4th place
IFBB World Championships 2011 - 3rd Bikini Class (Drug tested & Pro Card earned)
IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2011 - 3rd place Bikini Class

IFBB Ms Bikini Amateur Olympia 2011 - 1st place
UKBFF Mr Hercules 2010 - 1st place  (very first UKBFF Bikini class)
Ms Bikini FAME British Championships 2010 - 1st place

What is Bikini?

The Bikini category is the latest edition to the world of physique competitions, I compete with International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) which is the largest and most well established physique competition federation in the fitness industry.  The IFBB Bikini contest is for toned women who want to show off their physique without the extremity of the Figure or Womens Bodybuilding category.  There is no specific percentage of body fat or musculature that is ideal for this category, rather what suits that athlete best. Competitors should display a toned physique with symmetrical upper and lower body development. No excessive muscularity or conditioning. Physiques should be lean without excessive body fat, but should not display significant muscle size, separation or striation. Abdominal definition is acceptable but a ripped "six pack" is not ideal for this division.  Competitors should present themselves tight and full but not too skinny and unhealthy looking.  I personally describe the bikini class as a body shaping division, the girls are not big; quite slender in fact; similar to the physique of a campaign model but with emphasis placed on the shape and tone of the body.