michelle brannan

Welcome to my website
I am a UK based Fitness Coach, IFBB Professional Athlete, Fitness Columnist and Latin Dance Instructor

Fitness for me is about feeling good, gaining confidence and empowering yourself, being healthy and being the best you can be.   The desire to be 'slim' in the western world is overwhelming and many women feel pressured to look a certain way, I hope I can educate and help spread the message that looking good does not mean you don't eat.  Looking good is working out and eating healthy nutritious foods.

12 Week Transformations
Fed up of not getting the results you want or training for a special event?  My online 12 week transformation package will help you get into the best shape of your life.  My method is based on aesthetic health and how diet and training can affect the way you look inside and out, combining diet and training for the body you have always wanted and optimum health in the process. Click here for further details

ShowGirl Fitness - Competition Training Team
If you are interested in competing, head over to my ShowGirl Fitness website www.showgirlfitness.com for full contest prep and support.

Latest News
I am pleased to announce I will be joining Team Scitec click here for details.  I will be looking forward to representing Scitec Nutrition at FIBO in Germany this year. 

Watch out for my monthly Bikini Body column in Muscle and Fitness UK magazine, if you missed any of my articles you can download back copies here

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