michelle brannan

Michelle Brannan is the founder of UK's number 1 Bikini Fitness training team Showgirl Fitness, IFBB Professional Athlete, Fitness Columnist and Latin Dance Instructor. 

Showgirl Fitness Competition Team
Michelle runs a Bikini competition training team called Showgirl Fitness. Showgirl Fitness  has the most competitive track record for Bikini Fitness in the UK with over 850 top 6 wins since 2013 making us the UK's number one Bikini Fitness training team.  To find out more about Showgirl Fitness coaching and competition prep, head over to the website www.showgirlfitness.com 

Online Training
If competition coaching isnt for you but you would like information on weight training, cardio, diet and general fitness advice,  Michelle also offers online training and nutrition plans for non competitors, click here for more info